The history of SIPALEX starts when A.Lambert founded a small joinery business in Le pin. The first products made were chairs and window frames. Three people worked in the workshop at that time.  George, Auguste’s elder son, joined the business at the age of 14.

1938 - 1983
Over this period of time, the company  grew and diversified  its carpentry business with emphasis on making building framework

Creation of the SARL of the George Lambert SARL. The first pallets were manufactured for Arjomari Group. By then, nine people worked in the carpentry business.

The SIPALEX S.A company was set and moved to the  industrial zone of Charancieu.. While a sawmill was developed, joinery and wood framing making were abandoned.  Cutting of panels and manufacturing of pallets was strongly industrialized.
Jean-Luc and Fred, George Lambert’s sons, joined SIPALEX  and took  its lead.

Construction of a 600m² workshop to accommodate the machining center. Production of the first flanges for Rhône-Poulenc.
Complete modernization of the mill and the first CAPE brand pallet automatic production line

Creating the 2nd production site in the town of Lancey.
This site is specialized in the manufacturing of crates, special packaging,  customized wooden pallets and small series
The overall strength of the company is 19 people

Creation of the 3rd production site, based in the town CHAVANAY.
this site is specialized in the manufacturing of  wooden pallets in large series.
The overall strength of the company is 11 people.
Creation of the Holding SIPALEX
Cumulative sales in 2008: 9710 KE
Average sales growth: + 16% in 2008
Overall strength of the group: 72 31/12/2008

The SIPALEX group was not spared by the crisis. Sipalex Vienne was closed in April 2009, along with the two sawmills. (Europe was very seriously hit, resulting in a significant drop in the cost of raw materials).

Sipalex group was relaunched and invested in two new Storti brand pallets line. For the first time, the team is equipped with a stacking robot enabling high manufacturing capacity.

Preparing for the future, SIPALEX worked on a new building project and the purchasing of a new flexible production line.

SIPALEX moves its pallet activity from the Grenoble site to Charancieu.
The SIPALEX Group invests in two new Fanuc robots to optimize production

On January 1, the SAS La Caisserie bought the Grenoble business dedicated to the manufacturing of crates for the packaging and transport of industrial goods.
Mr. Etienne R became the owner and manager of the company.
Since then, SIPALEX Charancieu has focused on its original business: the manufacturing of wooden pallets.
A framework agreement was signed by both companies and the change has been made transparent to our customers.

The SIPALEX Group invests in a new special CAPE line  to optimize its production.
This machine can assemble, drill and stack automatically for small series.

The SIPALEX Group invests in a new Fanuc robot.